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SOS Organics

SOS Organics is a village based project that offers hand-crafted and hand-sorted products

Why Organic?

Organic, un-adulterated foods have formed the basis of our human diet through the ages.


We offer a line of artisanal hand-crafted, natural cosmetics, herbal infusions, seasonings and indigenous foods.

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Located in Pant Village, 200 meters below the famous Chitai temple, 8 km from Almora on the Jageshwar/ Pithoragarh road.


We make hand-crafted luxury bath soaps in 20 gram and 40 gram sizes for use in hotels and resorts.

A Naturally Beautiful you

Our world today lays a lot of emphasis on looking beautiful. And to achieve it, albeit with quick solutions in mind, we tend to turn toward cosmetics

The Magic of Amaranth

Amaranth, a plant found from the mighty mountains of Peru down to the plains of central India, is a traditional staple grain that has outlasted many generations.

Decline of Bees Worldwide

Researchers, who have carried out a four-year review of the literature, say the evidence of damage is now “conclusive”.

Forest Garden

The visionary work of Robert Hart is reflected in his books and video and is a milestone to create food security in a constructive, non exploitive and sustainable manner.

An Invitation

An open invitation for  self-motivated, passionate people to participate in our work, research and vision.

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Philosophy of Natural Living
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Why use natural cosmetics?

For most of us the use of cosmetic and personal care products is an every day affair.