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Forest Garden

Forest Garden. The visionary work of Robert Hart is reflected in his books and video and is a milestone to create food security in a constructive, non exploitive and sustainable manner.

He created his farm in England together with only one helper. The aim was to provide healthy food in abundance and to serve as a healing place for his handicapped brother.

He used only non aggressive and non intensive techniques such as mulching and basic organic fertilizing. After the food forest was established, his work consisted merely of pruning and harvesting.

There are examples of thousand year-old food forests on this earth and in our opinion this is the solution for future non-intensive and organic farming. It can be done in small backyard gardens as well as on large properties. There are still existing examples in India, especially in the south, north east and parts of the Kumaon Himalaya.

We recommend that our readers watch this short video of Robert Hart to understand the enormity of his vision. Each word he expresses carries a fundamental answer to our present agricultural crisis, which is a result from overuse of the earth, monoculture, aggressive farming techniques, chemicals and pesticides.

Link to various videos by us on food forests in the Himalaya:


Link to Robert Hart’s work for further study and references: