Herbal infusions are made from mixtures of dried leaves, stems, grasses, barks, fruits and flowers that give them their taste and provide the benefits of herbal teas.

Chamomile Lemongrass Herbal Infusion

A soothing blend of Chamomile and Lemongrass, both of which are rich in antioxidants

Himalayan Echinacea Herbal Infusion

Echinacea is a unique herb that boosts the immune system Lemongrass cleanses and supports the digestive system

Himalayan Lemongrass Herbal Infusion

Made from dried lemongrass leaves grown in the Himalaya.

Himalayan Mix Herbal Infusion

A unique blend of carefully selected powerful & delicious Himalayan herbs

Himalayan Nettle Chamomile Herbal Infusion

Two great healing herbs in a unique combination: Himalayan Nettle and Chamomile.

Himalayan Nettle Herbal Infusion

Nettles have excellent anti-inflammatory properties and so many healing qualities.

Himalayan Nettle Lemongrass Herbal Infusion

Nettle and Lemongrass support the stomach and digestive system.

Himalayan Nettle Tulsi Herbal Infusion

A unique tasty combination of two powerful Himalayan herbs.

Himalayan Peppermint Herbal Infusion

Peppermint cleanses, refreshes, calms and stimulates the digestive system.

Himalayan Spice Herbal Infusion

Ingredients: Himalayan Oregano, Thyme, Tulsi, Cinnamon & Mint.

Himalayan Tulsi Herbal Infusion

Ingredients: Himalayan Tulsi.

Himalayan Tulsi Rhododendron Herbal Infusion

Our prime formulation, which made SOS Organics herbal teas so unique and special.

Pure Chamomile Herbal Infusion

It is known to boost immune function and improve the body’s ability to fight off infections.

Gur Shakkar

A healthy, nutritious and tasty alternative to refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. This powdered jaggery is packed with healthy calories.

Khandsari Sugar

A healthier, tastier and organic alternative to chemically treated and refined sugars.

Herbal Tea Cup Filter with Lid

A beautiful indigenous Herbal Tea Infuser.

Herbal Tea Filter Set

An attractive design for home and office

Forest Raw Honey

A delicious, cold-filtered raw honey