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We are inviting self-motivated, passionate people to participate in our work, research and vision.

Our goal is to bring the final results, the experience from mistakes and successful implementation and the progress in research and inquiry into the public domain.

It is intended that this knowhow is provided free to the general public to benefit from the vision and intelligence of generations of loving and dedicated scientists, saints and visionaries.

The invitation is open one to the rare individual who has reached the point of selfless service from his whole being and not only from the head …

…to the one who has reached an emotional and spiritual maturity to dive into self- motivated karma yoga.

Just to be dissatisfied with the old will not suffice, sincere steps towards the new have to be taken before a synchronicity with this project can be expected.

The “innerstanding” of the philosophies indicated on these foundation pages are a precondition for further dialogue on the matter.

Financial and emotional independence are an indisputable requirement. The readiness for tapas and sadhana and self inquiry are as important as a practical know-how, experience and skill.

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