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Joys of Cold Pressed Oil

Apricot Oil, Massage Oils

Apricot Oil, Massage Oils

Today’s world of choices gives a plethora of alternatives to the consumer and you are left wondering—which one? Especially when you take the first step in the direction of healthy living in the fast-paced times we live in.

Apricot oil—the goodness of the kernel from an aromatic, tasty and beautiful fruit is equally bursting with everything the doctor ordered! The doctor here is Nature, of course. However, if the oil is produced via a hot press and chemically ‘enhanced’, it loses its natural qualities. This is where cold pressed oil steps in as the winner! Let us show you how cold pressed oil wins the battle against hot pressed oil, every single time.

Hot pressed oil involves a procedure of oil extraction during which seeds are heated and compacted at high temperatures—this allows for faster, cheaper and more quantified extraction of oil. This process, although economically profitable, takes away crucial anti-oxidant properties from the oil, by changing its chemical composition, increases the acidic value of the oil and adds further damage via bleaching and use of chemicals that add ‘flavour’.

Cold pressed oils, on the other hand, involve the use of seeds at room temperature, compacted between two plates to produce a purely natural oil—one that is significantly healthier as it has not been heated up! Cold pressed oil can be used for cooking, for external application on skin and also as an essential oil with varying purposes.

The SOS Organics apricot oil, made with apricots from mountain farmers across the Himalayas, is produced in our own home with the cold press method. It is naturally loaded with fatty acids, Vitamins A and E – all tonic for skin and hair! It provides wonderful nourishment for skin—especially if dry, rough or chapped and is a natural serum for tangled or frizzy hair.

You can use the SOS Organics Apricot Oil as an anti-ageing serum for your nightly skin care routine; you will notice how it evens out the skin tone in a matter of days! You can also use the SOS Organics Apricot Oil as an overnight hair tonic by gently massaging it into your scalp and lightly applying it to the ends of your hair for the perfect shine! If you want to get the perfect tan on a beach holiday, you can also replace tanning oils and creams with this all natural apricot oil.

Another wonderfully beneficial use of this magic oil is in massages! After a long day or week, use this as a body oil for a relaxing massage and leave it in for 15 minutes to allow your body to soak in the benefits before you shower.

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