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Herbal Tea Filter Set

Herbal Tea Filter Set

An attractive design for home and office



Herbal Tea Filter Set

These beautiful ingenious tea filters are a great way to steep loose teas and herbs, with no fuss or mess. Simply place the loose herbs in the tea filter, cover, steep and enjoy. No mess in your cup and easy to clean!

This single cup filter comes in two pieces with an attractive design. An easy and convenient way of brewing your favourite herbal teas, this filter set comes with a stand.

Stainless Steel – Made in India

Herbs have been used for centuries to treat a variety of illnesses, and herbal infusions are a great way to enjoy the benefits of various medicinal plants and herbs.

Herbal infusions are made from mixtures of dried leaves, stems, grasses, barks, fruits and flowers that give them their taste and provide the benefits of herbal teas. Unlike black teas, herbal infusions are caffeine free and offer many health benefits, depending on the various ingredients used. The infusions are brewed in the same way as tea; however, they taste better without milk though adding Ayurvedic sugar (GurShakker) or Khandsari can enhance the taste. Our herbal infusions are made from wild harvested and organically grown herbs.

The use of herbs is a time-honored approach to strengthening the body and treating disease. Please note that  herbs can trigger side effects, and can interact with other herbs, supplements, or medications, so please consult your health care provider if on any medication

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