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Summerhill – by A.S.Neill

This is the worlds greatest experiment in bestowing unstinted love and approval upon children.


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by A.S.Neill

published by EKLAVYA

320 pages, paperback

Summerhill by A.S Neill is the most unusual school in the world. Here is a place where children are not compelled to go to class – they can stay away from lessons for years, if they want to. Yet the boys and girls in this school LEARN. Summerhill was founded by A.S.Neill in 1921, and is now run by his daughter. This is the worlds greatest experiment in bestowing unstinted love and approval upon children. The school runs under a true children’s government where the “bosses” are the children themselves. Despite the common belief that such an atmosphere would create a gang of unbridled brats, visitors to Summerhill are struck by the self-imposed discipline of the pupils, their joyousness, the good manners.

In this book, A.S.Neill candidly expresses his unique and radical opinions on the important aspects of parenthood and child rearing.

Summerhill inspired many similar concepts of schooling in Europe and America. Till his death in 1973, Neill continued to look over the functioning of the school. After him, his second wife, Anna, managed it till 1985. Since then, his daughter, Zoe, had performed this function. The school has remained unchanged in its basics during all these years. Meanwhile, the book Summerhill has been integrated into the psychology and education syllabi of many American universities. Many parents, influenced by this book, have been coming to England to admit their children in the school. Of about seventy students in the school, many come from Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Brazil, Spain, America, Indonesia and France, etc. In addition, there are about twelve members of the staff.

Reading this book is an exceptionally gratifying experience, for it puts into words the deepest feelings of all who care about children and wish to help them lead happy, fruitful lives.

Also recommended to watch the full feature movie at this link on youtube.


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