Himalayan Soap Nut

A natural cleaner for delicate fabrics, children's clothes, allergy free.

Wash delicate Silk and Woolens

Soap nuts have been used for hundreds of years in India to wash delicate silks and woolens.


Product of Nature

They are the dried fruit of the Reetha tree and contain a natural substance called saponin which has the ability to clean and wash.


Grown high in the Himalayas

Our soap nuts are gathered in the cool, high altitudes of the Himalayas and are naturally sun-dried.


Clean from Laundry to Jewelry

Soap nuts can be used to clean basically everything from laundry, jewelry, as a household cleaner, insect repellent and more.


Allergy free 

Soap nuts are allergy free and good for babies, people with eczema, sensitive skin, and being chemical free are especially good for washing children’s clothes.


Gentle Cleanser

It is an effective and gentle cleanser that will leave your laundry fresh and clean.

A Great Pet Shampoo

Soap nuts can be used to make a liquid shampoo with is completely chemical free and has amazing benefits for your pet. It removes parasites and leaves the fur and skin soft and smooth.


Directions for Use

  • Put 6-8 half shells or the equivalent in pieces into a cotton bag and place in your washing machine.
  • If you want your laundry scented, add a few drops of essential oil in the softener drawer.
  • You can do 4-6 consecutive loads from one lot of soap nuts.
  • Other suggestions: you can make a liquid soap by boiling a couple of shells in water, after cooling the soap nuts can be sieved or blended into a paste.
  • The liquid soap makes an excellent shampoo for pets to remove parasites from the fur and skin leaving it soft and clean.
  • Soap nuts can be used to wash and disinfect vegetables.


Our air freshners are made with all natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives. 

Our soap nuts are simply just, soap nuts. A healthy and cost-effective alternative to detergents. 



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