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Water, the Blood of this Earth

Without water there is no life on this planet.

Water is the very blood of this Earth (Viktor Schauberger).

If we do not start taking care of our water, we have no future on this planet.

Water has a soul, it is alive; it is not just a chemical composition of hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

The water in the Himalaya is the very source of life in India for millions of farmers, children, mothers and men.

The way we are presently treating it, creates our own destruction, and is the cause for cancer and other detrimental diseases.

We learnt from the great researches of the whole world about water. The most decisive documentation is available on the internet: ‘Voda Water, the Great Mystery’, explaining in incredible detail the understanding how water carries life, memory, and a soul.


We learnt from Viktor Schauberger that water is the very source of life. His lifelong work on water could change the whole planet, and help humanity out of suffering and slavery.

link to the book for download: https://archive.org/details/LivingWater_823 

And here we are posting a complete documentary on Schauberger.

We ourselves are working on the lines of Schauberger and other great researchers on the preservation, collection, and re-charging of our water.

We are building rain water harvesting systems in the hills, working with holistic recharging solutions and are advising interested people in the very understanding and practises of water. We preserve the old traditions and and are documenting the same, such as water chakkis, noulas and others.

We are working with various Schauberger funnels to activate and recharge drinking water. We include the water egg of Michael Wuest to prepare the highest quality.