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About us

About us

About us

Amidst the challenges posed by urban pollution, maintaining optimal health has become increasingly arduous. Contaminated air, water, and food have precipitated health issues within our burgeoning urban communities. Unfavorable lifestyle choices, inadequate dietary patterns, and sedentary routines contribute to these adverse consequences. The consumption of polluted sustenance over time leads to the accumulation of toxins, resulting in ailments such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders.

Particularly susceptible to the perils of agricultural pollutants are our children, who, in proportion to their body size, ingest a higher proportion of these contaminants. On average, children are exposed fourfold more to eight cancer-inducing pesticides commonly present in food, in comparison to adults.  Read More

A Glimpse into Our Endeavors

About Us

SOS Organics introduces a village-centric endeavor, offering an expansive array of meticulously handcrafted and thoughtfully curated products. Our selection encompasses natural cosmetics, beeswax candles, herbal infusions, seasonings, and indigenous cereals and grains. Every product stands devoid of chemicals, artificial hues, and preservatives.

SOS Organics prioritizes natural cultivation methods and carefully sources materials from Himalayan hamlets. We protect the Himalayan ecosystem and promote the growth of indigenous crops by focusing on organic materials and avoiding harmful chemicals. Our ethos guides us with holistic principles and ethical conduct, including natural farming methodologies and environmental stewardship.

Our village-based unit, nestled in Pant Village, Chitai, Uttarakhand, acts as the epicenter of our endeavors. Employing rainwater harvesting and harnessing solar energy to generate around 70% of our electricity, our unit is emblematic of our unwavering commitment to environmental accountability.


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