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Philosophy of Natural Living



Sickness comes when people draw apart from nature.
The severity of the disease
is directly proportional to the degree of separation.
Masanobu Fukuoka

To be creative means that one is giving birth to oneself constantly, and that is real life:
to be born anew each moment, every moment.
Love is creativity, love is virtue, love is prayer, love is freedom.
And in the ultimate sense, love is god.
Osho, The Sacred Yes, Ch 9

The man who has gone beyond the mind will be feeling like a child, innocent,
will be relishing existence and its beauty, will be creative.
He cannot be destructive.
He may paint, he may sculpt, he may sing, he may dance,
but a man who is moving above mind
is bound to pour a little more beauty into the world,
a little more music, a little more poetry – that is his contribution.
Osho, Sermon in Stones, Ch 10

“The very word Himalayas makes my heart beat faster.
To me it is not something just physical,
it carries the whole heritage of the spirituality for centuries.
From the days of Upanishads till today
Himalaya has produced more enlightened people than any other piece of land in the world.”
Osho, The Last Testament, Vol. 4, Ch 16 (excerpt)

Let us preserve this beautiful place on earth !


“To be creative means to be in love with life.
You can be creative only
if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty,
you want to bring a little more music to it,
a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”

By integrating the needs of both people and the environment, the Foundation’s aim is to holistically develop the region’s potentials. Areas for focus include organic farming, waste management, biodiversity, reforestation, water management, education and food.

All of our project areas are intertwined with these topic areas and promote a holistic approach to an understanding of their interconnectivity.