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People who Inspire us

During the evolution of our work, we have met so many inspiring beings and have read and studied about the ones who already left this planet Earth.

We have learnt that the lineage of one’s life, work and philosophy is of utter importance. We are proud to explain our background and our inspiration by real human beings from East and West.

We like to list a dedication, surely not complete and to be extended from time to time, to those people who have excelled in their life and reached a peak, destined for human incarnation.

The reader who is encouraged can find abundant resources in the internet by typing in those blessed names. We like to add on this page

their name, picture and a short dedication showing what has inspired us so deeply.

Viktor Schauberger

His work on water, implosion technology and levitation is path breaking and until today not understood. His discoveries could reduce the hardship of humanity. We are passionate to follow his indications as good as we can…his books on “living waters” and “our senseless toil” are of high significance for our present situation…

Mahatma Ghandi

promoted the idea of localised village industry and he specifically spoke about foods, soap, creams, candles…all products that we have incorporated in our work…he talked about appropriate technologies and the dignity of using one’s hands and not only one’s head…so relevant today…

Masanobu Fukuoka

is the inspiration behind natural farming, non-doing agriculture, mulching, clay seed balls and much more…an enlightened farmer who talked about being close to nature, in observation and deep contact with plants, animals and land…farming to find oneself in this alienating time.

J. Krishnamurti

He inspired us with his totality in going deep, exploring without prejudice and judgement. Looking intensively and openly into a question without the urge of result and solution…his passion for inquiry and depth has influenced our work deeply.

Dr. Narendra Singh

taught us to understand herbs in their wholeness. He inspired us to dedicate our life to further his research, teaching and guidance towards the sacred herbs of India. Starting with our work in Lucknow and Azamghar with tulsi, we follow his steps in the Himalaya with nettle, turmeric and other miracle plants.


taught us to do everything with totality and to live life without fear and hesitation. In his presence we tasted the blessing of a living Buddha. This taste has never left us and carries our passion to be happy and fulfilled in this very life time. To reach where he has pointed, to allow this very buddhafield to be an expression of him.

W.L. Poonja (Papaji)

was the man who set us free. He is our inspiration for the harmonic balance of knowledge, devotion and service. He connected all the different paths of spirituality and seekers to the point of silence, no form and no name. A satguru and house holder. Our work is in gratitude to his and India’s teaching.

E.F. Schumacher

inspired with his book “small is beautiful”, a return away from the doctrine of numbers, growth and magnitude. A thinking in human perspective and caring size. He promoted appropriate, intermediary technologies. He spoke of Buddhist economy and warned of the implosion of the megacities and the turning away from traditional values and ethics, and simple quality and dignity of human life.

Robert Hart

We understood the ancient tradition of multicropping, companion planting, mulching and non intrusive farming when we saw the movie on Robert Hart’s forest garden. His work is hope for a future with non- aggressive agriculture and nutritional security.

Wilhelm Reich

is the man behind the discovery of orgone energy, the very life energy. He explained the psychopathy of the armoured mechanical man, the psychology of the “little man” who is instrumental for the existing present-day brutality, violence and repression. A man so deeply committed to research and freedom, he inspires us to innovate and research courageously. He and Schauberger remind us that it is possible to live a healthy, cancer free life, by understanding the very life source and energy of our existence.

The ultimate understanding that we are free to create a positive, peaceful, loving earth. (this eternal note is from Poonjaji’s diary)