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People who Inspire us

People Who Inspire Us: Igniting Transformation and Action

At the heart of our journey are the People who Inspire Us. These remarkable individuals have left an indelible mark on our path, shaping our actions and driving us forward. Their wisdom and influence resonate deeply within our work, motivating us to innovate and create meaningful change.

Drawing from Wisdom: Guiding Our Purpose

The People who Inspire Us have provided us with a compass for our purpose. Their insights and teachings have illuminated our way, guiding us through challenges and uncertainties. Their words and actions have shown us the potential for transformation and growth.

Fueling Innovation: Catalysts of Change

These individuals are the catalysts behind our innovation. Their ideas have spurred us to think creatively and explore new horizons. Their stories of overcoming adversity and driving positive change inspire us to break barriers and push boundaries.

An Ongoing Journey: Embracing Their Legacy

As we continue on our journey, the legacy of the People who Inspire Us remains a constant source of motivation. We carry their wisdom with us, using it as fuel to create a better world. Their examples remind us that every action, no matter how small, can contribute to meaningful change.

Joining the Movement: Becoming Inspired

We invite you to delve into the stories of the People who Inspire Us. Their journeys and accomplishments offer valuable lessons and insights that can ignite your own passion for change. By embracing their wisdom and embodying their values, we can collectively work towards a brighter and more impactful future."

People who Inspire us

Viktor Schauberger

A visionary ahead of his time, embarked on groundbreaking endeavors in water studies, implosion technology, and levitation. Despite the passage of time, his pioneering work remains enigmatic and largely unexplored. His remarkable findings possess the potential to alleviate human struggles significantly.

Driven by an unwavering passion, we ardently embrace Schauberger's guidance, aspiring to execute his insights with utmost fidelity. His volumes titled "Living Waters" and "Our Senseless Toil" hold paramount importance in our contemporary context, offering profound insights that resonate deeply with our present predicaments.

People who Inspire us

Mahatma Gandhi

A stalwart advocate for change, championed the concept of localized village industries. His emphasis extended to various essential products such as foods, soap, creams, and candles – all seamlessly integrated into our endeavors. He endorsed apt technologies and upheld the honor of engaging one's hands, not solely the intellect. Remarkably, his insights hold immense relevance in the present era.

People who Inspire us

Masanobu Fukuoka

An enlightened farmer, serves as the catalyst for the principles of natural farming, non-doing agriculture, mulching, and clay seed balls. His wisdom extends far beyond, encompassing a profound connection to nature. Fukuoka advocated close observation, fostering deep bonds with plants, animals, and the land itself. His philosophy embodies the quest for self-discovery in an era marked by detachment.

"Sickness comes when people draw apart from nature.

The severity of the disease

is directly proportional to the degree of separation"

Masanobu Fukuoka




People who Inspire us

J. Krishnamurti

Profoundly influenced us through his unwavering commitment to delving deep, exploring with an open mind, free from bias and judgment. His approach involved intensive and unprejudiced examination of questions, devoid of any compulsion for outcomes or solutions. His fervor for inquiry and the pursuit of depth has left an indelible mark on our endeavors.


Dr. Narendra Singh

Who guided us in comprehending the holistic nature of herbs. His teachings motivated us to commit our lives to advancing his research, teachings, and guidance regarding India's sacred herbs. Initiating our journey with Organic India in Lucknow and Azamgarh, focusing on tulsi, we are now tracing his path in the Himalayas, incorporating nettle, turmeric, and other remarkable botanicals.




Imparted the wisdom of wholeheartedness and living fearlessly, leaving behind hesitation. In his presence, we experienced the profound grace of a living Buddha. This enduring experience fuels our fervor for happiness and fulfillment in our current lifetime. Following his guidance, we strive to reach the destination he indicated – allowing this very buddhafield to manifest as his embodiment.

“The very word Himalayas makes my heart beat faster.

To me it is not something just physical,

it carries the whole heritage of the spirituality for centuries.

From the days of Upanishads till today

Himalaya has produced more enlightened people than any other piece of land in the world.”

Osho, The Last Testament, Vol. 4, Ch 16 (excerpt)

People who Inspire us

H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji)

Played the pivotal role in liberating us. He serves as the driving force behind our pursuit of harmonious equilibrium between knowledge, devotion, and service. Poonja seamlessly united diverse spiritual paths and seekers towards the realm of silence, transcending form and name. A satguru and household leader, his influence propels our work, a tribute to his teachings and India's wisdom.

People who Inspire us

E.F. Schumacher

left an indelible impression with his book "Small is Beautiful," advocating a departure from the fixation on numbers, growth, and enormity. He championed a mindset centered on human perspective and nurturing dimensions. Schumacher endorsed moderate, well-suited technologies. He advocated for an ethical economy, cautioning against the collapse of megacities and the erosion of traditional values and ethics. His message resounded with the essence of preserving the simple quality and dignity of human existence.

People who Inspire us

Robert Hart

illuminated the ancient practices of multicropping, companion planting, mulching, and non-intrusive farming through his forest garden depicted in a movie. Witnessing his work, we grasped the significance of these traditions. His efforts offer a promising outlook for a future characterized by non-aggressive agriculture and the assurance of nutritional security.


Wilhelm Reich

His groundbreaking work unveiled the existence of orgone energy, the vital life force. His insights laid bare the psychological aspects of the armored mechanized individual, exposing the psyche of the "little man" whose presence perpetuates contemporary brutality, violence, and suppression. Reich's unyielding dedication to research and freedom serves as a catalyst for our own innovation and fearless exploration. Alongside Schauberger, he serves as a reminder that a healthy, cancer-free life is attainable through comprehending the essence of our existence – the life source and energy that pervade us.

People who Inspire us

The ultimate understanding that we are free to create a positive, peaceful, loving earth. (this eternal note is from Poonjaji’s diary)

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