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Further Video Reference on Nettle

Here is a small list of interesting reference videos to our Nettle.

This is only a small selection and one can find on the internet hundreds of reference videos on this amazing plant

and its multiple uses as leaves, seeds and powder.


“Nettle Seeds Are A Powerful Ally!”



“Stinging Nettle : Uses and Benefits”


“Stinging Nettle For Breast Cancer, Wounds, & Vitamin C”


“Ditch The Caffeine Crash: Discover The Energizing Power of NETTLE Seeds!”


“11 Remarkable Stinging Nettle Benefits For Hair, Body, Skin & Gout”


“Stinging Nettle For Fast Hair Growth || For Hair Loss || DHT BLOCKER!!”


“HERBAL HAIR OILS RECIPE – Which Oil is Best for Your Hair Type – Make Nettle Oil”


“Benefits Of Stinging Nettle for Hormone Balance, Low Iron, Hair Loss, Weight Loss, Thyroid”


“Nettle Tea Rinse for Healthy Hair + Scalp | Summer Growth Challenge ♡”

STINGING NETTLE TEA BENEFITS + Nettle Tea Recipes (Nettle Benefits)

Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Stinging Nettle | Blissed Zone