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SOS Organics Sharing Organic Standard

SOS Organics is an ongoing experiment dedicated as a model for holistic sustainable living across villages in the Himalayas. Our vision is to foster and partner with local communities who are integral to SOS Organics and share our philosophy that Mother Nature has provided us with an abundance of resources to improve our health and well-being without disrupting the balance. Natural Cosmetics and Health Foods are our current focus.

As we believe in harnessing what nature has to offer, we run our entire project only on rainwater harvesting and do not have any other water source

The products we create are therapeutic with minimalistic undertones. Our portfolio has a wide range of natural cosmetics, health food, hand-crafted soaps,  rock salt lamps, a range of aromatic herbal infusions and seasonings, health foods including gluten-free flours and grains, teas and massage oils.

In an increasingly polluted urban environment, where our water, air and food are contaminated, keeping healthy has become something of a challenge. Our exploding urban population is starting to show signs of the damage being done by rapidly changing lifestyles, poor diet and lack of exercise. When the food we eat is polluted, we carry that pollution in our bodies; some of it remains there, accumulates and eventually causes diseases. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are on the rise.

Our children are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of agricultural toxins as they consume a higher percentage in relation to their size. The average child receives four times more exposure to at least eight widely used cancer causing pesticides found in food than the average adult does.

The foundation for healthy plants and animals is healthy soil. Organic farming practices help protect water quality, prevent soil erosion, maintain and enhance seed, crop and ecological biodiversity. Organic food is free from the highly toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and growth hormones used in intensive farming and they are also free of artificial colourings, flavourings, additives, sweeteners and the thousands of other unwanted and unnecessary chemicals used in food.

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