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Sugars and Salt

Sugars and Salt: The Benefits of Consuming the Right Sugars and Salts 

SOS Organics understands the importance of making healthy choices, which is why we offer two unprocessed sugars and one of the healthiest salts on the market. Discover the numerous advantages of incorporating Ayurvedic Sugar (Gur Shakkar) and Khandsari Sugar, as well as Himalayan Crystal Salt, into your diet and experience the natural goodness they bring.
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Ayurvedic Sugar (Gur Shakkar):

Ayurvedic Sugar, also known as Gur Shakkar, is a wholesome sweetener that retains its natural nutrients due to its unprocessed nature. Unlike processed sugar that undergoes extensive refining, Gur Shakkar is free from chemicals and additives. It contains essential minerals like magnesium and iron, which can benefit your overall health when consumed in moderation.

Khandsari Sugar:

Another unprocessed sugar option offered by SOS Organics is Khandsari Sugar. This sugar is produced using a traditional open-pan evaporation method, ensuring minimal processing and preserving its natural goodness. By choosing Khandsari Sugar over refined sugar, you are opting for a more nutrient-rich and healthier sweetening option.

Himalayan Crystal Salt:

Salt is a vital element for maintaining the body’s healthy functioning, and Himalayan Crystal Salt stands out as one of the healthiest and purest salts available today. Mined from deep within the higher regions of the Himalayas, this salt remains untouched by pollution and modern contaminants. It is believed to contain an impressive array of 60 – 80 different trace minerals, which can contribute to a balanced diet and promote overall well-being.

The Power of Unprocessed Sugars and Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt:

By choosing SOS Organics’ unprocessed sugars and Himalayan Crystal Salt, you are making a conscious decision to nourish your body with natural nutrients. Processed sugars often lack essential minerals and may lead to health issues when consumed in excess. In contrast, our Ayurvedic Sugar, Khandsari Sugar, and Himalayan Crystal Salt offer a more wholesome and nutritious approach to sweetening and seasoning your food. Embrace the natural goodness of these products and experience the difference they can make in your overall health and well-being.



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