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Further Reading

We believe in today’s age it is more important than ever to take the time to read and study the work of people who have excelled in their life. These books are treasures and inspiring companions.

In the absence of great teachers they are the next best choice to focus one’s mind and attention on. Many times the “right” book appears in our life at the perfect time.

We advise the reader to sit back and read. The profound books of the sages, philosophers and poets have been our constant valuable companions on this path. Today in a village environment, we have the luxury of finding time to read and to learn. These companions cannot be replaced by the intrusive world of television and media. They are much closer to peace, silence and serenity.

Fukuoka describes that in the old days the farmers had the time to write koans (poems) during the winter which is the ideal time for quietness, peace-fullness and  for contemplation.

The world of organic and natural farming and holistic technologies can only be “innerstood” (in contrast to “understood”), when there is space for time,  silence,  contemplation and meditation, for dialogue and inquiry.

Fukuoka once gave a long talk in front of a thousand people in Austria, when a young man stood up and said,”Mr.Fukuoka, you have spoken to us for one hour about your philosophy and not once about the techniques of natural farming!” The great enlightened farmer Masanobu Fukuoka replied so profoundly: “If you do not understand the philosophy of natural farming you cannot practice it.”

If one does not understand the very essence and depth of a peaceful, loving, holistic approach towards life, nature, work and our earth, one cannot expect to be able to practice what we are suggesting and promoting to heal and preserve our beautiful planet for generations of plants, animals and humans to come.

We advise the reader to dig deeper and deeper into this beautiful world of written treasures. Besides the online shops we recommend to visit our favorite bookshops listed below. (We are happy to extend the list on suggestions by our readers.)

A special mention to

Other India Books, Mapusa, Goa.
Devaraj Book Shop (adjoining German Bakery), Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh
Nataraj Bookshop, Rajpur Road, Dehradun
Full Circle, Khan Market, Delhi
Ramana Ashram Bookshop, Tiruvannamalai
Osho World