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Further Reading

Embracing Wisdom Through Reading: A Vital Pursuit

In the fast-paced modern era, we hold a firm belief in the significance of dedicating time to read and engage with the works of exceptional individuals who have achieved greatness. These books, akin to precious gems, serve as invaluable and inspiring companions on our journey.

A Profound Substitute: Embracing Enlightening Books

When the guidance of prominent mentors is not within reach, the next best recourse lies in immersing oneself in the world of profound literature. These books offer the ideal platform to focus one’s mind and attention. Often, the “right” book enters our lives at precisely the opportune moment, steering us towards enlightenment.

A Journey with Sages and Visionaries

Our counsel to readers is to pause and engage in reading. The timeless literary works of sages, philosophers, and poets have accompanied us steadfastly on our path. Amid the serene setting of a village, we find ourselves blessed with the luxury of time to read and absorb knowledge. These companions serve as a sanctuary against the clamor of the intrusive television and media, drawing us closer to peace, silence, and tranquility.

The Season of Reflection: A Lesson from Fukuoka

Drawing inspiration from Fukuoka, we recognize the value of introspection during the quiet winter months. This season provides the ideal canvas for contemplation, harmony, and inner peace. To grasp the essence of a harmonious and holistic approach to life, nature, work, and our planet is paramount. Without this foundation, our endeavors to heal and safeguard our Earth for future generations remain incomplete.

Delving Deeper: The Quest for Knowledge

We encourage readers to delve ever deeper into this treasury of written wisdom. In addition to online sources, we extend our recommendation to explore our favored bookshops, as mentioned below. (We eagerly welcome suggestions from our readers to expand this list, fostering a collective journey towards enlightenment.)

A special mention to

Other India Books, Mapusa, Goa.
Devaraj Book Shop (adjoining German Bakery), Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh
Nataraj Bookshop, Rajpur Road, Dehradun
Ramana Ashram Bookshop, Tiruvannamalai