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Water Life

Water: The Lifeline of Our Planet

Essential for Life

Water is the fundamental essence that sustains all life forms on our planet. Its significance is undeniable, as it is the very blood coursing through the Earth’s veins, as Viktor Schauberger aptly described.

An Urgent Imperative

Our future hinges on our ability to safeguard our water resources. Neglecting this responsibility threatens not only our existence but that of generations to come.

Beyond Chemical Composition

Water’s significance transcends its chemical composition of hydrogen and oxygen molecules. It possesses a soul, a living presence that goes beyond the mere physical aspects.

Himalayan Waters: The Lifeline

In the Himalayas, water holds the role of life giver for countless farmers, children, mothers, and individuals across India. Its vitality shapes the landscape and nurtures lives.

A Precarious Balance

Unfortunately, our current treatment of water is propelling us towards our own downfall. This mismanagement not only endangers the environment but also contributes to the proliferation of cancer and other devastating diseases.

Learning from Global Wisdom

Guided by the insights of global researchers, we recognize the profound wisdom surrounding water. A trove of knowledge is accessible online, with resources like ‘Voda Water, the Great Mystery’ offering intricate revelations about water’s role as a bearer of life, memory, and consciousness.

Water’s intricate interplay with life is a reality we must embrace. Our actions today determine the sustenance of this vital resource for our planet and its inhabitants.


Viktor Schauberger’s teachings have illuminated the profound significance of water as the essence of life itself. His extensive research on water holds the potential to revolutionize our planet and liberate humanity from suffering and captivity.

link to the book for download: https://archive.org/details/LivingWater_823 

And here we are posting a complete documentary on Schauberger.

Aligned with the principles of Schauberger and esteemed researchers, our endeavors revolve around water preservation, collection, and revitalization.

Holistic Water Initiatives

In the hill regions, we are actively engaged in constructing rainwater harvesting systems that epitomize sustainability. Our commitment extends to holistic solutions for water replenishment, alongside providing guidance to those interested in understanding and adopting water-related practices. Respecting ancient traditions, we also document practices like water chakkis and noulas for posterity.

Revitalizing Techniques

Employing various Schauberger funnels, we endeavor to invigorate and recharge drinking water. Notably, the inclusion of Michael Wuest’s water egg amplifies our pursuit of producing the highest quality water.

Our efforts echo the wisdom of visionaries, shaping our journey towards fostering a profound connection with this precious resource—water.