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Benevolent Entrepreneurship

In today’s age we are promoting the model of benevolent entrepreneurship as a solution to the ongoing destruction and depletion of our natural resources and lifestyle.

Our understanding of this model is based on the teaching of Osho on meritocracy. He postulated this extensively in his public talks in India and USA.

“…Meritocracy means the rule of the experts, the specialists, the qualified people; it is the rule of men of merit….That is why I place this idea of meritocracy before you. Meritocracy is not opposed to democracy; meritocracy is a concept of working through democracy. And sooner or later, with the growth of understanding, the specialist is going to be significant in the whole world. Maybe, sooner or later, everything will be in the hands of the expert, the knowledgeable…” (Osho)

Benevolent means well-meaning. Well-meaning towards the earth and the people involved, supplier, producer, consumer.

Entrepreneur means responsibility, initiative, passion, motivation and accountability.

We promote an economical viable, sustainable and transparent business model under the philosophical and ethical guidance of Well-meaning = Benevolence.

Our village industry, producing natural cosmetic and organic health foods at Chitai, Almora, is a living model of this and open for observation, study and inspiration. The Foundation undertakes the task to spread this philosophical and practical understanding in the public domain.

In context of this the philosophy of benevolent entrepreneurship has been inspired by E.F.Schumacher, the author of “Small is Beautiful”, by Mahatma Ghandi, the promotor of village industry, by the great sages of this country who taught egolessness, service and higher values of an ethical and spiritual human being. Outstanding beings who promoted a beneficial coexistence of material and spiritual, a creative integration in the worldly existence without neglecting the soul. An antitode to the prevalent exploitive attitude in this age and the mere obsession with the material aspect of this world.

We are promoting the model of a rural industry which benefits all without exception, enabling a future for the generations to come. A world with trees and water and air and nutritional food, of beauty and harmony and peaceful coexistence.

Reference to the work of E.F.Schumacher:


Two important books not to miss:

“Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered”

“This I Believe and Other Essays”

Reference to the work of Osho: