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Natural Farming

Our work has been inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka’s publication ‘One Straw Revolution’. We strongly recommend our readers to study this book. For easy access:

download pdf file: “One Straw Revolution” by Masanobu Fukuoka

We are combining the work of Fukuoka with Permaculture, Vedic Farming and all non-intrusive techniques of organic farming.

Fukuoka visited India many times and found the culture, tradition and nature ideal for his deep understanding of natural farming and natural life. He even called it ‘Ghandi Farming’.

We believe that there is a good opportunity for non-intensive farming in the Himalaya after most aggressive techniques and innovations have failed and intensive, monoculture farming is reducing rapidly due to insignificant results. An ever-increasing amount of land is kept uncultivated and due to shortage of fodder, lifestock is reducing rapidly. Though very detrimental from their initial appearance, these are good conditions to allow traditional, natural farming to reintroduce itself. Practises like non-tilling, clay ball (seed ball) cultivation, mulching, food forests, permanent agriculture, multi cropping, companion planting and much more.

Forest gardens are perfect solutions for the supply of food and fodder to the villagers; indigenous food, culinary and medicinal herbs are a soft way of growing high value produce for the steadily upcoming health food market.

SOS Organics has innovated natural farming together with holistic post-harvesting techniques to enter a very interesting Indian health food market without neglecting the nutritional safety of the village population.

We intend to publish online the experiences and conclusions in this field to allow a broad dissemination of natural farming in the hills, specifically and naturally adapted also for any other area of India and the world.

In addition to the farming techniques, natural processing and product development has been undertaken and the Foundation is presently deeply involved in vertical value addition, such as special holistic milling techniques, sun drying and sun-UV-radiation, ventilation drying, dehydrator development for low temperature drying, vacuum packing and systematic moisture proof storing of raw material. An extensive initial product line of natural farming produce has been developed and tested in the market and is now available online and in selected holistic outlets.

Among others we are working with 2 Zentrofan mills, which follow the discoveries of Viktor Schauberger and are working on the vortex principle. These mills are the only two in India. We have developed significant experience with those “wonder mills” as the present engineer in Germany, Mr. Braunwarth, is lovingly calling them. The vision is to treat the grains in the same soft and caring manner as nature does during the growing process.

We have pioneered in another application of a three roller dehuller for brown rice and millet.

The reader is advised to follow the Giants in this work, Schauberger and Fukuoka on youtube. There are many important videos published documenting this path breaking and so relevant work.

 zentrofan vortex mill