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Natural Farming

Natural Farming

Natural Farming

Our work on Natural Farming has been inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka’s publication ‘One Straw Revolution’. We strongly recommend our readers to study this book. For easy access:

download pdf file: “One Straw Revolution” by Masanobu Fukuoka

Innovating Agriculture: Integrating Fukuoka’s Wisdom with Permaculture and Vedic Farming

Cultivating a Fusion of Techniques

Our approach marries the teachings of Fukuoka with principles from Permaculture, Vedic Farming, and other non-intrusive organic farming methods. By combining these approaches, we create a harmonious synergy that fosters sustainable and natural farming practices.

Gandhi Farming: A Connection to Indian Culture

Fukuoka’s profound understanding of natural farming resonated deeply with Indian culture, tradition, and nature. He famously coined it ‘Gandhi Farming’, a recognition of its alignment with Mahatma Gandhi’s values. His visits to India affirmed its suitability for his methods.

Reviving Non-Intensive Farming in the Himalayas

In the Himalayan context, where aggressive techniques falter and monoculture diminishes, we see an opportunity for non-intensive farming. Uncultivated land and shrinking livestock due to fodder scarcity present a chance for traditional and natural farming to reclaim its place. Practices like non-tilling, clay ball cultivation, mulching, and more find relevance here.

Empowering Villages through Forest Gardens

Forest gardens emerge as a practical solution for supplying food and fodder to villages. Growing indigenous culinary and medicinal herbs caters to the burgeoning health food market, providing valuable produce.

Innovative Holistic Post-Harvesting Techniques

SOS Organics pioneers holistic post-harvest techniques alongside natural farming. We embrace value addition through techniques such as holistic milling, sun drying, dehydrator development, and more. Our extensive product line of natural farming produce has been rigorously tested and is now available online and in select outlets.

Harnessing Zentrofan Mills: A Vortex of Innovation

Collaborating with 3 Zentrofan mills, which follow Viktor Schauberger’s vortex principle, we revolutionize grain processing. Only 70 such mills exist globally, and three reside with us in Uttarakhand. This visionary approach respects grains during processing, akin to nature’s nurturing during growth.

Embracing Technological Advancements

Our three-roller de-huller for brown rice and millets underscores our commitment to innovation. This integrated approach, coupled with traditional wisdom, embodies our vision for holistic and sustainable agriculture.

Continual Expansion: Broadening the Horizons of Natural Farming

Our commitment revolves around disseminating our experiences and discoveries online, serving as a catalyst for the broad acceptance of natural farming across hill regions and beyond. Our mission expands further to encompass the conversion of raw materials through natural processing, nurturing a comprehensive approach that enriches both communities and the planet as a whole.


uggest that you watch the works of Schauberger and Fukuoka which can be found on youtube. There are many important videos documenting this path breaking and  work.

 zentrofan vortex mill