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Amla Shampoo Bar

 A natural hair care solution enriched with the goodness of amla (Indian gooseberry). This solid shampoo bar is handcrafted with care, using cold-pressed apricot oil, floral water, beeswax, and precious essential oils. Embrace the convenience of this eco-friendly alternative to liquid shampoos, free from artificial colors or preservatives.



Amla Shampoo Bar – Your Perfect Travel Companion!

Say goodbye to shampoo spills in your suitcase and embrace the convenience of our Amla Shampoo Bar, a brilliant alternative to liquid shampoos. Let’s explore the reasons why this solid bar is a must-have for your travels.

Travel-Friendly and Easy to Store

Bid farewell to worries about leaky shampoo bottles! Our Amla Shampoo Bar is designed to be compact and mess-free, making it the ideal travel essential. Its solid form ensures hassle-free packing and storage, allowing you to focus on your journey with peace of mind.

A Natural Cleansing Experience

Our Amla Shampoo Bar takes a gentler and more natural approach, unlike most commercial shampoos that rely on harsh chemicals. We use pure plant oils that provide nourishment and easily absorb into your skin and scalp. Embrace the goodness of nature while caring for your hair and scalp.

Free from Harmful Chemicals

In hair care, we believe in keeping it clean and pure. Our shampoo bars are free from animal fats, artificial fragrances, and detergents. We’ve omitted harmful chemicals like parabens,  DEA, and sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) that can strip away your hair’s natural oils. Instead, our shampoo bar offers a gentle and caring cleansing process, leaving your hair feeling rejuvenated.

Avoid the Pitfalls of SLS

SLS, often praised for its foaming abilities, has a dark side. It was originally intended for floor cleaning and can be harsh on your skin, hair, and scalp, potentially leading to issues like dryness and hair loss. With our Amla Shampoo Bar, you can steer clear of SLS and enjoy a revitalizing cleansing experience without worries.

Experience the Goodness of Plant Oils

The Amla Shampoo Bar is enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients, treating your hair and scalp to the nourishing benefits of pure plant oils. Promote healthy and happy hair without any unwanted side effects.

Embrace the ease and goodness of our Amla Shampoo Bar as you embark on your travels. Discover the joy of a natural and caring hair cleansing routine, and let your hair thrive wherever your adventures take you. With its travel-friendly design and nature-friendly ingredients, the Amla Shampoo Bar is your perfect companion for a refreshing and nurturing haircare experience on the go.


Rest assured that our Amla Shampoo Bar contains no artificial colors or preservatives, providing you with a pure and gentle bathing experience that embraces the authenticity of nature.


We are proud to state that our Amla Shampoo Bar is not tested on animals. Our commitment to cruelty-free products ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of nature without harming our beloved wildlife.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Lye, Amla oil, Petitgrain and Peppermint essential oil.

Net Weight: 100 grams

In the Handmade soap making process, oils and fats are combined with an alkali to produce soap and glycerin. Hand-crafted cold-process soap offers many unique benefits for your skin. Hand-crafted soap is made using a batch process using the highest quality, pure skin-loving oils such as apricot oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and hemp oil. Our soaps are naturally colored using various plants and spices. We also use wild- harvested healing herbs and heavenly smelling pure essential oils. Soap cleanses the skin while glycerin moisturizes it. Glycerin is naturally produced during the handmade cold process soap making method. Kilo for kilo glycerin costs more than soap which is why some soap manufacturers remove the glycerin from the soap and sell it to cosmetic manufacturers


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