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Honey from the Forest

As we all walk down the lane of healthy living, one product that truly stands out for its universal appeal and availability is honey! We have been using honey in cuisine, medicine and cosmetics for thousands of years now; and its benefits and multiple uses only seem to increase!

Here is a fun fact about honey: the health benefits of honey depend on the quality of the plants and the environment from which the pollen, saps, nectar and resin are gathered. If the environment is polluted, traces of heavy metals, pesticides and antibiotics can appear in the end product. Raw, unprocessed honey contains the widest variety of health-supportive substances.

Our honey, gathered from the lush forests of Kumaon, is unprocessed and cold filtered. Pure honey that is stored in cold temperatures tends to crystallize, and will darken and change flavour if stored in warmer temperatures.

There are a number of ways of making honey an intrinsic part of your lifestyle, toward a healthier YOU:

Use a teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and a slice of lemon, each morning. This will help flush out toxins from the body and boosts your immunity!

Replace processed sugars with honey! It adds a unique flavour to teas, coffees, shakes, cereal and porridge and is most beneficial in controlling cholesterol levels and diabetes.

Honey can also be used as a wonderfully potent hair and face mask. For a hair mask, mix equal amounts of water and honey and brush this liquid from the roots to the ends of your hair; leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse off with regular water. This process will help reduce dandruff, dry scalp and also leads to shinier, stronger hair. For the skin, honey helps in alleviating sunburns and acne marks, on account of its anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. It can be used raw on the face or mixed with rose water; it works as a natural anti-ageing serum, helps in clearing and toning and also adds a consistent texture to the skin.

However, always remember to use cold-filtered and unprocessed honey from the clean forests of the Himalayas. One must always know the source before buying a product! For your own jar of goodness, click here: https://www.sosorganics.com/product-category/pure-cold-processed-honey/