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Nature is a Celebration

“To be with trees and plants is beautiful because they go on growing, they become an impetus, an inspiration, and the whole energy is flowing upwards with the growth. You cannot remain low, you have to go high. If you are alert, then farming can turn you on as no drug can ever do. Just the smell of the wet earth, the smell of the growing plants, the joy of the birds and the sun – all that becomes a milieu for spiritual growth. To be close to nature is to be close to god.”   OSHO
In India, organic, un-adulterated foods and spices have formed the basis of our diet throughout the ages. Read More

It is only in recent times that we have been subjected to countless man-made chemicals found in our food and in the environment. Chemical farming inputs and “factory farming” became popular in the middle of the last century as a way to maximize crop yields. In an increasingly polluted urban environment, where our water, air and food are contaminated, keeping healthy has become something of a challenge. Our exploding urban population is starting to show signs of the damage being done by rapidly changing lifestyles, poor diet and lack of exercise. Simply put, we lost touch with the ancient wisdom laid down in the Vedas. Greed, quick fixes and misinformation took over. We started to kill our earth and our bodies.

SOS Organics was born out of the urgency to go back to our roots and reclaim the wisdom of the past, yet embracing positive and healthy science.

We bring you a line of hand-crafted soaps, creams and scrubs, herbal infusions and grains, celebrating Nature’s abundance.