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Nettle Salve

A Himalayan Elixir of Good Living

Stinging nettle or “bicchoo buti” (which loosely translates to ‘scorpion herb’) grows wild and in abandon all over the lower Himalayan foothills. Traditionally, mountain folk would use it as food, medicine and fibre—utilizing all parts of the plant in the process.

However, the city world barely knows of this beautiful gift of nature. And to bring it to you, in a easy-to-use manner, we created a salve out of stinging nettle! Most importantly, this plant has the ability to detoxify the body; and the salve works wonderfully in alleviating inflammations, swellings, pain, soreness and skin irritations like psoriasis, eczema and insect bites.

This Himalayan nettle salve also provides great nourishment for very sensitive and stressed skin; and it comes with copious anti-ageing benefits!

If you have a mild sprain or any kind of joint pains, we recommend daily use of the salve at night time or before some sunbathing to help the body soak in the salve and Vitamin D! It will help reduce swelling and pain with immediate use and it leaves one with a sensation of warmth spreading over the affected area. Some of our clients have even used nettle salve post minor ligament surgeries and it has helped them reduce inflammation and pain far more effectively than through anti-inflammatory oral medication.

Nettle salve can also be used in skin care to avoid wrinkles and crow feet from appearing too early; in place of chemically made and mightily expensive anti-ageing serums that large corporates offer, it is a homegrown remedy that your body will thank you for!

Stinging nettle is also used in our line of tea infusions and soaps. We also recommend that whenever you visit the mountains, do try the locally made and very delectable stinging nettle vegetable with finger millet Indian breads—found most easily in local eateries and homes. For a wholesome healing process, please make nettle a part of your life today! https://www.sosorganics.com/product/himalayan-nettle-salve/