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Turmeric Soothing Balm

A Soothing Golden Spice

The healing powers of turmeric are not unknown to humankind. It has become a very popular spice, transitioning beyond being a staple in pan-Indian cuisine to even gaining a status as a “turmeric latte” in the western world.

Either way, turmeric in any form is good for the body as it is antifungal, antibacterial AND antiseptic! In India, turmeric has been used in cooking, in local medicine and in cosmetics for a very long time; however, as our lives get busier, one has no time to ground the spice and mix it with different ingredients for use. This is why we came up with our soothing turmeric balm in a travel kit size, which you can carry around with you anywhere!

The turmeric balm contains turmeric oil, evening primrose oil, calendula oil, wheat germ oil, pure beeswax, lavender and chamomile essential oils—all cold pressed and grown in the clean environs of the Himalayas.

This turmeric balm is handy for any small cuts, bruises and burns. Especially if you get a burn from a hot iron or in the kitchen, this balm ensures that there are no blisters or scarring! It is even more effective on bruises that turn a nasty blue or green or purple—as the balm can make these disappear in a matter of days.

Another great use of turmeric is in its healing properties toward acne and dry, sensitive skin. A great way to use our turmeric balm is as part of your morning face cleanse, by applying it evenly all over your skin, leaving it on for 20 minutes and then washing it off with our apricot scrub and mildly warm water.

The balm leaves your skin glowing and fully moisturized. If you suffer from perennially dark knees, underarms and elbows, the turmeric balm is a great nightly regime to rid one of it! Applied locally to these areas, the balm will gradually clear the skin, leaving a healthy glow. The best part? It comes with zero chemicals and will allow your skin to be fully nourished, causing no short or long term harm or side effects.

An added advantage is that this soothing turmeric balm smells heavenly on account of the lavender, chamomile and evening primrose oils!

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