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Hemp Seed Lip Balm

Made with the goodness of hemp seed oil, this lip balm actively moisturizes and soothes, providing long-lasting protection against dryness. Embrace the healing power of nature for your lips’ well-being.






Hemp Seed Lip Balm: Nourishing Care for Your Lips

Indulge in the remarkable benefits of Hemp Seed Lip Balm, a lip moisturizer that goes beyond the ordinary. With a powerful blend of natural ingredients, including hempseed oil, pure beeswax, and a delightful fusion of essential oils, this lip balm provides unparalleled nourishment for your lips. 

Hempseed Oil: Potent Moisturization

At the heart of this lip balm lies hempseed oil, a star ingredient renowned for its moisturizing prowess. Packed with essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, hempseed oil nourishes and hydrates the lips. Embrace the soothing and emollient properties of hempseed oil that leave your lips feeling soft and smooth.

Pure Beeswax: Shield of Protection

The inclusion of pure beeswax in the lip balm creates a protective barrier on your lips, guarding them against environmental elements like harsh winds, cold weather, and harmful UV rays. This natural shield ensures your lips retain moisture and remain protected from becoming dry and cracked.

Bergamot Essential Oil: Uplifting Freshness

Bergamot essential oil not only imparts a refreshing citrusy aroma to the lip balm but also uplifts your spirits with its mood-enhancing qualities. Additionally, this essential oil boasts antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, providing a calming effect for irritated lips.

Bayleaf Essential Oil: Soothing and Healing

Experience the soothing and healing properties of bayleaf essential oil, which helps calm and rejuvenate your lips. As a therapeutic component, bayleaf essential oil aids in the natural healing process, promoting healthier and revitalized lips.

Orange Essential Oil: Revitalizing and Energizing

Revitalize your senses with the zesty fragrance of orange essential oil, perfectly blended into the lip balm. Along with its invigorating aroma, orange essential oil holds antiseptic properties, contributing to the overall health and rejuvenation of your lips.

Cedar Essential Oil: Antimicrobial and Nourishing

The presence of cedar essential oil adds antimicrobial benefits to the lip balm, making it an excellent choice for everyday lip care. Revel in the nourishing attributes of cedar essential oil, keeping your lips healthy and protected against dryness.

Hemp Seed Lip Balm harnesses the nourishing power of natural ingredients to provide your lips with optimal care. Embrace the goodness of hempseed oil and the therapeutic properties of essential oils, and delight in the soft, hydrated lips adorned with a refreshing aroma. Make Hemp Seed Lip Balm an essential part of your lip care routine and experience the wonders of nature’s lip-loving ingredients.

Ingredients: Hempseed oil, pure beeswax, bergamot, bayleaf, orange and cedar essential oils.

Not tested on animals.

(12-gram jar)

SOS Organics lip balms offer more than surface-level hydration. The blend of natural oils and butters delivers profound nourishment, fostering long-term lip health. Some variants may even incorporate herbal extracts like calendula, chamomile, or aloe vera for added healing benefits. Transitioning to natural ingredient lip balms is an informed choice that encompasses lip health and overall well-being. With nurturing qualities, absence of harsh elements, and eco-conscious packaging, these balms champion holistic lip care, respecting both lips and the environment. Embrace the natural essence of lip balms with natural ingredients, and relish a healthier, sustainable approach to lip care. Click here for more hemp based cosmetics https://www.sosorganics.com/product/himalayan-hemp-seed-salve/

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