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Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp – Globe

Embrace the essence of nature’s purity and savor the serene glow of the Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp – Globe, bringing a touch of natural beauty and tranquility to your living spaces. Order now and immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of nature’s relaxation and aesthetic elegance.



Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp –  Globe

Glowing Ambiance:

The Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp-Globe is hand-carved from pristine Himalayan Crystal Salt, the lamp emits a warm orange glow, inviting comfort and charm.

Enhanced Air Quality:

Through the release of negative ions, this lamp contributes to improved indoor air quality, promoting a fresher atmosphere.

Tranquil Aura:

Create a soothing and tranquil ambiance with the Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp – Globe, ideal for a transformative living space.

Color Therapy Potential:

Beyond aesthetics, the lamp may offer the advantages of color therapy, subtly influencing mood and well-being.

Air Purification:

Experience air cleansing benefits as the lamp aids in alleviating allergies and purifying your surroundings.

Sleep-Friendly Companion:

Particularly suitable for children, the lamp’s soft and calming glow establishes an environment conducive to restful sleep.

Holistic Well-being:

Embrace the multifaceted benefits that the lamp offers – from aesthetics to air purification, and potential well-being enhancement.

Tranquility and Rejuvenation:

Introducing the Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp – Globe enhances tranquility, rejuvenating your living space.

Perfect Addition:

Transform any room into a haven of relaxation with the lamp’s warm glow, air-purifying potential, and calming ambiance.

Comprehensive Benefits:

Whether seeking aesthetic appeal, air purification, or a serene environment, the Himalayan Salt Globe Lamp offers it all.

Weight approximately 3kg, diameter 14 cm

Free shipping within India.
Includes electric connection with 2 light bulbs (branded lightbulbs from Whirlpool)

(please note that the salt may sweat under humid conditions. This is not harmful. Best to keep the lamp lit all or most of the time to avoid excessive sweating. The lamp can be lit permanently and uses minimal energy. The light bulb is very small. Here is a picture link how the lamp behaves and looks in extreme tropical condition. Any questions please call us on customer care number 97 198 49569)

For more information kindly follow  the link for  further reference of the benefits of the salt lamps

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(Salt lamps last a life time. In case you require a replacement bulb or a replacement electric connection:

please click order link for bulb here 

please click order link for electric connection set here)

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