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Himalayan Nettle Herbal Infusion

Himalayan Nettle Herbal Infusion

Nettles have excellent anti-inflammatory properties and so many healing qualities.




Himalayan Nettle Herbal Infusion
Stinging Nettles have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, is able to detoxify the body, boost the immune system and improve energy levels. A miracle plant, using stinging nettles is a great way to improve overall health and wellness.

Still relatively unknown in India, except for the Himalayan area, we believe that Himalayan Nettle will soon become a popular herbal tea due to its amazing beneficial properties.

Click link to our page on “Nettle the Miracle Plant of The Himalaya” for further reference.


Himalayan Nettle,  organically grown in high-altitude remote locations.

Available in 50 gram Loose Tea Packing and in a Tea bag Box with individual sealed sachets.

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