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Lavender Luxury Scrub Soap

Enriched with the calming essence of lavender, this soap offers a luxurious and pampering skin care ritual. Experience the gentle exfoliation and nourishing benefits of this scrub soap, crafted with care.



Lavender Luxury Scrub Soap: A Tranquil Spa Experience

Nourishing Goodness: Embrace the Power of Coconut Oil

Experience the nourishing goodness of Coconut oil as it actively moisturises and nourishes your skin, leaving it velvety soft and beautifully hydrated.

Invigorating Exfoliation: Apricot Scrub

Indulge in the invigorating exfoliation of Apricot scrub, carefully blended into our Lavender Scrub Soap. It actively sloughs away dead skin cells, revealing a radiant and smoother complexion.

Lavender Serenity: Aromatherapy at Its Finest

Awaken your senses with the soothing scent of Lavender essential oil, actively enveloping you in a calming and tranquil aura, turning your bath into a serene spa-like experience.

Pure and Gentle: No Artificial Colors or Preservatives

Rest assured that our Lavender Luxury Scrub Soap contains no artificial colours or preservatives, providing you with a pure and gentle bathing experience that honours the authenticity of nature.

Cruelty-Free: Not Tested on Animals

We proudly state that our Lavender Luxury  Scrub Soap is not tested on animals. Our dedication to cruelty-free products ensures you can enjoy a luxurious bath without compromising compassion.

Elevate Your Self-Care Routine with Lavender Luxury Scrub Soap

Experience the ultimate pampering with our Lavender Luxury Scrub Soap that gently exfoliates and nourishes your skin with the essence of lavender, known for its soothing properties. The soap cleanses and revitalizes your skin while transporting you to fields of blooming lavender with its delightful scent. The luxurious formula leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and delicately scented, revealing your skin’s natural radiance with every use. Elevate your daily bathing ritual with nature’s finest lavender and embrace the rejuvenating power of lavender for your body and mind. Treat yourself to a moment of indulgence and unwind with the lavender-infused luxury scrub.

Share the Serenity: An Ideal Gift

Surprise your loved ones with the gift of Lavender Scrub Soap, Our Handcrafted soap makes for a thoughtful and cherished gift, allowing your dear ones to indulge in the serenity of a spa-like experience at home.

Lavender Bliss: A Gateway to Relaxation

Experience the invigorating and soothing effects of Lavender Scrub Soap’s essential oil as it transports your mind to a realm of serenity and calmness. Let the wonders of nature captivate your senses with every use.

Passionate Craftsmanship: Crafting the Perfect Soap

Experience pure luxury with our handcrafted soaps made from natural ingredients. We infuse each bar with nourishing oils, herbs, and therapeutic essential oils, and hand-cut and cure each bar for 2 months in pure mountain air. Trust in our commitment to using only plant-derived colors and avoiding artificial preservatives. Indulge in the rejuvenating qualities of our soap today.

INGREDIENTS :Coconut oil, Vegetable oil, Lye, Indigo powder, Apricot scrub, Lavender essential oil.

Net weight 100 grams

Why use Hand-crafted soaps?

Our handcrafted soap is made using the cold-process method and enriched with nourishing oils like apricot, coconut, himalayan butter tree, and hemp. We use natural colors and pure essential oils from wild-harvested sources for healing benefits. Our soap contains naturally occurring glycerin, moisturizing while cleansing. Trust us to deliver exquisite handcrafted soap that pampers your skin.

Why buy hand-crafted cold process soap when you can easily buy soap at the store?
Most so-called “soaps” are really beauty bars or deodorant bars. They are full of chemicals that are drying to your skin. Handmade soaps, on the other hand, are extremely moisturizing because of the high quality of oils used and the glycerin that is left in the soap. Using hand-made soap leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth all day long


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