Himalayan Haldi Turmeric

Grown in the pristine hills of the Kumaon Himalayas, our haldi is of exceptional nutritional quality.

Our Himalayan Haldi –Turmeric is harvested after 1.5 years of being in the ground, maturing in the clean soils of the Kumaon hills.

Deep orange in colour, our turmeric is cured and processed, within 3 days, in small batches to ensure high quality.


An excellent natural antibiotic, turmeric adds flavour and colour to a variety of food preparations and is an imperative part of any kitchen.


How to Use

Haldi is well-known as a key ingredient in Indian cuisine. However, you can also add a dash of it to your cup of herbal tea, a glass of warm milk or be more innovative and try a turmeric latte!



Today, our world pays a large price for practices which have resulted in environmental and economic imbalances. What happens to the health of the animals, plants, micro-organisms, soil, oceans and atmosphere, also affects human beings. Technology and wealth cannot protect anyone from the effects of an unhealthy environment.


Our children are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of agricultural toxins as they consume a higher percentage, in relation to their size. The average child receives four times more exposure to at least eight widely used cancer-causing pesticides found in food, than the average adult does.


The foundation for healthy plants and animals is healthy soil. Organic farming practices help protect water quality, prevent soil erosion, maintain and enhance seed, crop, and ecological biodiversity. Organic food is free from the highly toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and growth hormones used in intensive farming and they are also free of artificial colourings.



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Delivery and Returns

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