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Himalayan Chilli Flakes

Hand selected chilli grown and sun dried in the pristine air of the Himalayas.



Himalayan Chilli Flakes

Ingredients: Hand selected chillies grown and sun dried in the pristine air of the Himalayas

Chillies come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Our Himalayan Chilli Flakes add a delicious touch of spice on pizzas, pasta and more!
Indigenous to Central America, South America and the West Indies and cultivated for thousands of years, Chillies were introduced to the rest of the world after the Spanish conquest of South America.
Ever since their introduction to India in 1498, chilies have been used in Ayurvedic medicines as a tonic to ward off various diseases.
Chillies are an excellent source of Vitamins A, B, C and E and are a great way to spice up your food.

Although used in small amounts, herbs and spices add flavour and make a healthy contribution to your meals. Seasonings can make the food you eat tasty, without being high in calories. A lot of the herbs and spices that are commonly used in seasonings have medicinal properties; oregano and rosemary for example have antioxidants that have been studied for their cancer protective effects and chilies contain seven times more Vitamin C than oranges! you can buy  seasonings here

Chemical farming inputs and “factory farming” became popular in the middle of the last century as a way to maximize crop yields. Today, our world pays a large price for these practices, which have resulted in environmental and economic imbalances. What happens to the health of the animals, plants, micro-organisms, soil, oceans, and atmosphere, also affects human beings. There is no one who is immune to the effects of an unhealthy environment, no matter how much technology or wealth they may possess.

Our children are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of agricultural toxins as they consume a higher percentage in relation to their size. The average child receives four times more exposure to at least eight widely used cancer causing pesticides found in food than the average adult does.

(50 gram dispenser jar)

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