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Indigenous Cows And Exotic Cows

A thought provoking understanding of the importance of the Indian indigenous breeds.


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Indigenous Cows And  Exotic Cows

by Dr.Vrinda Baxi (Vrndavanlila devi dasi)

published by Brhad-Mrdanga Society

“… the difference between the indigenous and exotic cows. It would not undermine the compassion that we have towards other cows, but will certainly help in developing the rightful reverence for desi cows, in helping maintain standards of preparing and using panchagavya products, know the rightful source of procuring panchagavaya products (which is a desi cow or indigenous cow only) and saving teh native indigenous cow breeds (the scene is very discouraging; because of overwhelming greed for getting just good quantity of milk without bothering for the quality, the government has promoted only exotic breeds resulting in a drastic fall in the number of desi breeds in India. In India, earlier there were more than 100 cow breeds, now we are left with just nearly 30, and even out of them many are on teh verge of extinction). In our ignorance we have created a huge varnasankara population even in cows, which is completely unnatural and thus condemnable.”

68 pages

A deep study of the difference of the indigenous breeds and the exotic cows.
A reminder to stop the rapid extinction of the multitude of the Indian breeds.
A documentation of the significance of their preservation for food, medicine, agriculture and spirituality.

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