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Turmeric Book

Discover the wonders of Turmeric, the Ayurvedic Spice of Life, cherished for its health-promoting properties and versatile culinary uses. Learn about the rich history and cultural significance of this golden spice in Ayurvedic medicine. Uncover the powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits that make turmeric a staple in traditional healing practices.


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Turmeric Book

The Ayurvedic Spice of Life
Prashanti de Jager M.S.
Foreword by Dr David Frawley
Publisher: Full Circle
ISBN: 978817621209 (0ut of print)
Binding: Paperback

Excerpt from Turmeric Book, Foreword by Dr David Frowley:

” If I had only a single herb to depend upon for all possible health and dietary needs, I would, without much hesitation, choose the Indian spice Turmeric. It cannot do little in the realm of healing and much that no other herb can accomplish. Turmeric has a broad spectrum of actions, mild but specific effects and is beneficial for long-term and daily usage. Though it is a common spice, few people, including herbalists, know of its great value and use it to the extent possible. It is a herb that one should get to know and live with. “

Turmeric: A Time-Honored Treasure of Health and Wellness

Ancient Origins and Culinary Marvel

For centuries, turmeric has been revered in Indian culinary and medicinal traditions. Its historical significance can be traced back to an Ayurvedic text from 250 B.C., where its effectiveness in alleviating digestive disturbances caused by spoiled food was noted. This vibrant yellow spice, derived from the Curcuma longa plant’s root, has transcended time as a vital component of cuisine and health practices.

A Digestive Ally Across Cultures

Turmeric’s reputation as a digestive aid extends beyond India’s borders. Numerous cultures in South East Asia have embraced the use of both fresh and ground turmeric to combat digestive issues. Whether it’s easing bloating, soothing indigestion, or calming upset stomachs, this versatile spice has proven its worth in gastrointestinal wellness.

Turmeric’s Radiance in Cosmetics

Beyond its internal benefits, turmeric’s impact on external beauty is equally remarkable. Indian traditions have incorporated turmeric into cosmetic creams and lotions, recognising its potential as a skin tonic. With its inherent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, turmeric has been harnessed to promote healthy, glowing skin, making it an indispensable part of beauty regimens.

Unlocking a Pantheon of Health Benefits

Turmeric has many health benefits, from preventing to curing diseases. It’s a natural remedy that researchers have investigated for its anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting, and cancer-prevention properties. Curcumin is the active compound responsible for these benefits.

A Holistic Approach to Well-Being

Turmeric’s comprehensive impact on health is rooted in ancient traditions. Its versatility in the kitchen and medicine cabinet reflects a holistic cultural approach to well-being.

In conclusion, turmeric is a testament to the enduring relationship between humanity and nature’s gifts. With a history steeped in culinary traditions, medical wisdom, and cosmetic allure, this golden spice continues illuminating pathways to improved health and holistic well-being. This book serves as a guide to harnessing turmeric’s potential, offering insights into its rich history and its role in preventing and curing many ailments.

Prashanti de Jager studies and practices Ayurveda, Advaita and Yoga.

A pioneer of Organics and Biodynamics in India, he teaches numerous courses in Ayurveda and Yoga worldwide.

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