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Himalayan Madua Finger Millet Flour

Madua, also known as Finger Millet, is a highly nutritious ancient grain that has been a staple in the Himalayan diet for generations. Our Finger Millet Flour is made from the finest quality Madua grains, carefully ground to preserve its natural goodness and rich flavor. Packed with essential nutrients, including iron, calcium, and dietary fiber, Madua Flour offers a range of health benefits, making it an ideal choice for health-conscious individuals and those with dietary restrictions.



Himalayan Madua (Finger Millet) Flour – A Nutritious Gluten-Free Superfood

Himalayan Madua, also known as Finger Millet, thrives naturally in the pristine Himalayan region and holds significant importance as a crop with high nutritional value. Sourced from rain-fed small farms and cultivated using traditional methods, Himalayan Madua Finger Millet Flour stands out as a nutrient-dense and versatile option for a healthy diet. Let’s explore the marvelous advantages of this flour, rich in calcium, proteins, minerals, and fiber, making it a recommended food even for infants.

1. Nutrient-Rich Crop from the Himalaya:

Himalayan Madua (Finger Millet) finds its ideal habitat in the Himalayan region, where it grows naturally and thrives without the need for excessive human intervention. This natural growth contributes to its exceptional nutritional values.

2. Sourced from Rain-Fed Small Farms:

To ensure the highest quality and authenticity, our Madua Finger Millet Flour is sourced from rain-fed small farms. This supports local agriculture and provides you with the purest form of this nutritious grain.

3. Traditionally Grown with Care:

Cultivated using traditional farming practices, Himalayan Madua reflects a deep-rooted connection to sustainable agriculture. The traditional approach ensures that the crop maintains its nutrient density and original properties.

4. Preserving Nutrient Integrity with Vortex Technology:

At SOS Organics, we take pride in using a German holistic Zentrofan vortex flour mill to produce Madua Finger Millet Flour. This innovative vortex technology mills whole grains below 38°C using a single lava stone, preserving all the valuable nutrients of the grains.

5. Abundant in Calcium, Proteins, Minerals, and Fiber:

Himalayan Madua (Finger Millet) is a powerhouse of essential nutrients. Rich in calcium, proteins, minerals, and fiber, this flour contributes to strong bones, muscles, and overall well-being.

6. Recommended Food for Infants:

The exceptional nutritional profile of Madua makes it a recommended food for infants of six months and above. Its wholesome goodness supports their growth and development during crucial early stages.

7. Versatile Culinary Uses:

Madua Finger Millet Flour offers a wide range of culinary possibilities. From delectable cakes and puddings to nutritious breads, rotis, and porridge, this flour adds a unique taste and nourishment to various dishes.

Himalayan Madua (Finger Millet) Flour is a gift from the Himalaya, brimming with essential nutrients and versatile culinary uses. Grown naturally and sourced from rain-fed small farms, this flour reflects a deep commitment to sustainability and nutrition. Embrace the marvelous benefits of Madua Finger Millet Flour, as it nourishes your body with calcium, proteins, minerals, and fiber. From infants to adults, this nutrient-rich flour is a wholesome addition to your daily diet, ensuring a path to health and well-being. Incorporate the goodness of Himalayan Madua into your culinary creations and savor its remarkable advantages in every delectable dish.

Sourced from organic produce and hand-sorted in Himalayan villages, all our produce is grown naturally without the use of harmful chemicals in our effort to preserve the biodiversity of the Himalayas and to sustain indigenous crop.

This flour mixture is gluten free and is not contaminated by wheat, barley or rye.

vegetarian, gluten free

(net weight: 500 gram, packed in a golden resealable pouch)

Why eat Organic

Throughout history, unadulterated foods have been the foundation of the human diet. However, in the mid-20th century, chemical and factory farming became prevalent to increase crop yields. Unfortunately, these practices have resulted in significant environmental and economic imbalances, affecting the health of animals, plants, micro-organisms, soil, oceans, atmosphere, and humans. Even those with technology and wealth are not immune to the adverse effects of an unhealthy environment.

Maintaining good health has become a challenge in today’s polluted urban environment due to contaminated water, air, and food. As our urban population grows, we see the negative impacts of rapidly changing lifestyles, poor diets, and lack of exercise. When we consume polluted food, we carry that pollution in our bodies, accumulating toxins and developing diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Children are particularly vulnerable to agricultural toxins, as they consume more than their size. Shockingly, the average child is exposed to four times more cancer-causing pesticides found in food than the average adult. It’s time to prioritise clean, unadulterated food and recognise the importance of a healthy environment for the well-being of all.


Recipes with Himalayan Madua Finger Millet Flour

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